Nokia 5800: Best Way to Update Nokia 5800

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Best Way to Update Nokia 5800

Most of the Nokia 5800 users are skeptical about updating their phone because some of them bricked their phones(dead). And many users ask the question i.e which is the best way to update the mobile NSU(Nokia Software updater) or FOTA(via wifi).

But according to me both the ways are safe and reliable. We just need to follow some guide lines.

Updating via NSU:
1) Check whether the battery is fully charged or not. Updating with low battery may brick your mobile.

2)Don't disconnect the USB cable while Updating the your 5800. Make sure the connection established between your PC and Mobile is perfect.

To download Nokia software updater, Click Here.

Updating via FOTA:
1)Important point in FOTA is it just downloads only the new features from the server and installs them. So the download is fast and you don't need to worry about USB cable, but the problem via updating FOTA is the server gets updated a few weeks after NSU server get updated so you will have to wait.

2)While Updating with FOTA at times it happens that the mobile gets blank with a white screen appearing. Some of the 5800 remove their batteries at this moment and inturn brick their mobiles.
So don't remove the battery till the mobile gets totally updated.

Have a safe updating :)


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  3. Removing the battery will not cause the phone to become a brick - the FOTA process is what is called fail-safe and will resume the update from the position it last reached when the battery is reconnected. Feel safe and update whenever possible!